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Past fine art shows from space space gallery.

02/18 Head Over Heels

Katherine Botten
Aurelia Guo
Ceylan Öztrük
Stefanie Knobel
Spencer Lai
Carla Milentis

OnCurating Project Space (OCPS)
Austellungstrasse 16, 8003


06/17 Guts Salon

Adele Mills
Alden Epp
William Hawkins
Bridget Griffiths
Carla Milentis
Joshua Stevens
Kieren Seymour
Sheehan Hunter
Yuki Kishino

Co-curated with Carla Milentis and Bill Hawkins

Former cosmetic surgery offices and carpark. 55 Claremont Street, South Yarra, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.


1/17 pop-up store [Harajuku]

An exhibition of Joburg clothing line made by Space Space gallery - Ella Krivanek and Dorothy Siemens.

Featuring photos of Themba Khumalo and Megan Woolley.

Block House Gallery. Tokyo, JAPAN.

12/16-01/17 Fluxus Now

Blazing Empress (stairs near corner Henry Nxumalo Street and Barney Simon Road)
Aaron Carter (fence near entrance/exit to M31 Anderson Street)
Spencer Lai (a bush in Newtown Community Park, near Dance Factory)
Tshepo Moloi (flowerbed at the gauteng rental housing tribunal)
OH!BLOOD (wall in Staib Street)
Roberta Joy Rich (various poles, walls and electricty boxes in New Doorfontein)
Amber Wright (a crack near corner Rissik Street and Kerk Street)

Co-curated with Dorothy Siemens

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA.


06/16 Place to be

Oscar Alaska
Olwen Didamain Evans
Seala Lokollo Evans
Paty Marshall-Stace
Alice Mcintosh
Carla Milentis
Steaphan Paton
Simon Perry

Co-curated with Alice Mcintosh

Brunswick Sculpture Centre, and Florist Warehouse.
Old Liberty Petrol Station.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


02/16 The bathhouse show

Katherine Botten
Joseph Buckley
Aaron Christopher Rees
Kitty Clark
Alli Coates and Signe Pierce
Caroline David
Terrell Davis
Dead Kebab
Rare Candy
Ruth Angel Edwards
Anne Fellner and Burkhard Beschow
Lee Kan Kyo
Spencer Lai
Natasha Madden
Carla Milentis
Matilda Moors
Rowan Oliver
Hideko Ono
Natalie Philipatos
Lucia Quevedo
Ander Rennick
Elizabeth Shev
Dorothy Siemens
Mark Tiegs
Sinziana Velecescu

With special assistance from Ander Rennick, Rowan Whitely, Kitty Clarke, Carla Milentis and Aaron Christopher Rees.

The fin.
Boys Age

Music curated by Dorothy Siemens

Komae Bathhouse and Apartment Complex. Tokyo JAPAN


10/15 Faunaface

Steaphan Paton

Warehouse F. Tokyo JAPAN


08/15 Its fierce mild

Denise Kehoe
Roisin Bohan
Hugh Cooney
Kieran Healy
Rory Mullen
Waterford Whispers

Co-curated with Denise Kehoe

Warehouse F. Tokyo JAPAN


07/15 First Thought Best Thought

Alice Mcintosh
Kate Hill
Eugene Howard
Isadora Vaughan

Co-curated with Alice Mcintosh and Isadora Vaughan

Warehouse F. Tokyo JAPAN


05/15 A Small Group Show of American and British Artists

Daniel Beckwith
Joseph Buckley
Kitty Clark
Quinn Gorbutt
Madison Hartley
Ashley Holmes

Co-curated with Joseph Buckley

Warehouse F.  Tokyo JAPAN


04/15 the girls' room

Sabrina Elliot
Rachel Barton
Stephanie Hough
Roisin Bohan
Denise Kehoe
Koharu Kawakatsu
Kie Imai
Masami Inanami
Shoko Yoshida
Akiko Matsuda
Dorothy Siemens
Hannah Lee
Satoko Akai
Shiori Ikeno

Co-curated with Dorothy Siemens

Warehouse F. Tokyo JAPAN


03/15 Freedom

Stephanie Bickford-Smith
Rachel Brandon and Tom Hay
Aaron Claringbold
Oliver Eales
Kotoe Ishii
Kaori Kato
Dead Kebab
Raph Kim
Maddison Kitching
Hannah Lee
Rebecca McCauley
Caroline McCurdy and Nik van der Gliesen
Alice McIntosh
Caroline Meathrel-Mack
Alex Moncrieff
Hugo Muecke
Yuji Oda
Hideko Ono
Gemma Pass
Nellie Rogerson
Elle Ross
Miho Sui Sekiguchi
Dorothy Siemens
Sarra Twycross-Smith
Yuri Uemura
Themba Wahlström
Stella Windbridge

Warehouse F. Tokyo JAPAN